Who Crafted the Sarmatian Cataphract's Arms/Armor?

Sep 2014
The Scythians around the Black Sea traded with Greek settlements.....and the Athenians had contact with them.
Jan 2016
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The Syriac translation of Pseudo-Zacharias Rhetor's Ecclesiastical History (c. 555) in Western Eurasia records:
"The land Bazgun... extends up to the Caspian Gates and to the sea, which are in the Hunnish lands. Beyond the gates live the Burgars (Bulgars), who have their language, and are people pagan and barbarian. They have towns. And the Alans - they have five towns... Avnagur (Aunagur, considered Onoğurs) are people, who live in tents".​


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Nov 2010
Aren't these originally from the same general area as the Alans, who were also supposed to well armed and good horsemen?
Mar 2019
Victoria, Australia
There is the support that a lot of the steppe nomadic tribes like Alans, Scythians, Sarmatians, Saka, Mongols, etc... all stem from the same and they just went "back and forth", changing and splitting and the like as time goes on. Anyway, unless I am mistaken the Alans are descendants of the Sarmatian peoples and were at one point of their constituting peoples/tribes/factions along with others.