Who did most to defeat the Axis? Britain, the US or the USSR?

Who did most to defeat the Axis?

  • The British Empire

    Votes: 10 13.7%
  • The US

    Votes: 9 12.3%
  • The USSR

    Votes: 52 71.2%
  • Other (China?)

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters
Feb 2016
“Some” lol.
Out of the allies I’d figure the British Imperial troops fought more battles than the US.
And did the US win any important battles alone? Normandy they were only on 2/5 beaches.
Salerno withBritish Commonwealth.
Anzio withBritish Commowealth.
Torch - British Commonwealth.

But which major battles did the US win by themselves?

And yeah. I don’t think it’s a particularly British thing to do to call a victory in a seige a victory. I think everyone who wins does that.... or possibly all those USS Yorktowns are named after the High School...

But go on all the major US only battles...
Dec 2011
The one battle we lost. It's almost amusing, the English tendency to call prevailing under siege a "victory. " I honestly think Brits aren't fulfilled, happy people unless they're miserable.


Operation Torch
El Guettar
the Schweinfurt raid
The Normandy breakout
Patton's combat pivot at the Bulge

And, the WW2 version of the Argonne, The pivotal battle that finished Germany: the Central European Campaign of the Spring of 1945, culminating in the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.

The English may have fought some battles, but American troops won all the important ones.

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Dec 2011
Most of the dying ? Good joke

Another case of British arrogance and ignorance ? Look up casualties that Germans and their allies suffered on Eastern front at least. Also name military operation of the British that could compare to Kursk, Stalingrad, Dnepr or Bagration. You even had problems against Rommel.
Sure did but this is about winning the war not casualties, we never had any of those appalling atritional battles because we were smarter than that, we didn't have to.
Everyone had problems against Rommel, lucky Sovs never had to face him on the Eastern front because we fighting him in North Africa.
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
This is just getting pathetic, an object lesson on why it is a bad idea to start threads of this kind. People listing all the accomplishments of their own country and ignoring those of everyone else, particularly those of the Soviets.
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Oh it did but only because we propped up the Sovs. We fought everywhere, they didn't.
This is nuts too, we fought in the Mediteranean region and western Europe while the Soviets fought (on a much greater scale) in the east. I can't think why everyone can't just acknowledge that it was a joint effort in which the Soviets broke the back of the Wehrmacht, but depended also on vital support from the West.