Who founded the ruling dynasty of kanem bornu

Feb 2018
Ive seen this posted in another forum claiming Kanem Bornu was founded by berbers he also stated the Songhai dynasty was founded by yemeni people any one know the book this is from and if its true or not?1557684844116.png
May 2018
On earth.
It is important to always remember that people will claim foreign ancestry when it makes them look good. In the case of an Islamic state, claiming descent from Arabia is always nice. A 17th-century chronicle is the source of the claim of Yemeni Songhai descent, but its validity is unverifiable. The issue of the Kanem Bornu thing is less clear, but the Sefuwa dynasty did not even found the kingdom, as far as I know. I think that the quote takes a few theories and runs with them, claiming them to be far more verifiable than they actually are. We don't actually know the origins of the founders of Gao (which would later become Songhai), nor do we know the origins of the founders of Kanem.

It also doesn't help that this quote provides absolutely no sources, links, or anything, which should be expected from an academic paper if that's what this is.

@Ighayere would be far more qualified to discuss this further.