Who had a more humiliating defeat: Hitler or Napoleon?

More humiliating defeat?

  • Hitler- 1945

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • Napoleon- 1815

    Votes: 1 14.3%

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Edric Streona

Ad Honorem
Feb 2016
Hitler easily.
His Reich collapses.
Germany is ripped in two, 1 half of which is going to be commie for some 40 odd years.
All his armies are smashed to pieces.
British, American and Russian troops are posing for pictures in the rubble of his home and capital city.
The Russians are raping German women where ever they go.
His theories about Germanic superiority are now just a big joke.
His generals are hauled up, tried and hung, shot or jailed.
His madness and idiocy are exposed to the world.
He kills himself, his wife and his dog... the worlds celebrates and mocks his death.

Compare to Napoleon.
His main army is soundly thrashed and routed. But he still has several armies, including Grouchy’s corps in tact.
He flees is caught and treated as a celebrity.
He is given an island (again) to live on.
France has its monarchy restored, and a few years of occupation (1815-18) is largely the same as it was before his nonsense.
He is feted as a genius by his former enemies.
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Sep 2015
The Eastern Hinterlands
Whose defeat do you think was more humiliating for the leader and the nation: Hitler or Napoleon?
Both really. One lost everything and ended up in an island in the middle of nowhere while the other lost everything and blew his head off.