Who is likely to be Hitler's successor as Nazi leader in the event of a Nazi victory in WWII?

Apr 2017
The NKVD was more or less a federal police with wide powers, the SS (which Himmler commanded) started very similar but later gained a military wing. A comparison would be if you took the NKVD and combined it with the GRU (although the GRU has more control over the military). So Himmler would be in a much better position to seize power than Beria was. More comparable to how Brezhnev took power in the Soviet Union, so Hitler may have appointed a successor but Himmler may take it.


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Mar 2012
Yötebory Sveriya
Not Göring, usually successors are considerably younger, not six years older.


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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque
Himmler was the high priest of the Neo Pagan cult.

An Germany under Himmler would has been something like shintoist Japan.