Who portrayed the best roman emperor Caligula?

There are many actors that portrayed this emperor, but most people I asked told me that their favourite portrayal of Caligula is by John Hurt.
Actor that portrayed Caligula how I imagined is Ralph Bates in mini-series The Caesars.
I would be pleased to hear your opinions.
Oct 2018
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John Hurt, from the brilliant BBBC production of 'I Claudius'

There is of course a problem with all of these portrayals of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus: first, it's pretty unlikely he would have been widely known to his face as 'Caligula' , a baby name given to him by the legions , when he was decked out in his miniature soldier uniform. Historian Mary beard in her documentary series on Rome suggested a better translation would perhaps be 'bootikins'

The 'problem' seems to be that the common view of Caligula is taken from one source; Suetonius' 'Life of Caligula' ,described by at least one modern historian as 'scurrilous' as ancient historians tended to be. Even the great Edward Gibbon could be quite subjective when confronted with Roman morality. (See his description of the emperor Elagabalus; caesar Marcus Aurelius Augustus, reigned 218-222, in The decline and Fall of the Roman Empire))

I recommend "CALIGULA The Corruption of Power" for a more balanced view of Caligula (Anthony A Barrett, 1989)
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