Who settled in Sudetenland after WW2?

Apr 2019
I wonder if there is any data on origin of population available for formerly Non-Czech areas, which were settled by Czechs and others after WW2.

AFAIK a lot of people in these areas are Volhynian Czechs (= ethnic Czechs from Ukraine), as well as Slovaks, Carpathian Rusyns and Gypsies:

This map shows the distribution of ethnic Czechs in the early 20th century - areas in the north-west of the country had almost no ethnic Czechs:

Köztes-Európa térképtár - text

Köztes-Európa térképtár - map

Apr 2019
There's a map and relevant data in this Twitter thread by hbd chick:

Very interesting! But that data is from 1946. A lot could change after that. For example, in Poland there were still many Germans at that time.

Also, as your source actually noticed, after being - initially - settled in the Soviet zone (GDR), many of them later fled to West Germany anyway.


Okay I just noticed that there is more data for other years as well. And the data for 1946 is from close to the end of the year (late October).
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Ad Honoris
May 2014
I think that the German Wikipedia contains more detailed data for where in Germany expelled Germans settled after the end of WWII. I don't remember what the relevant German Wikipedia article is called, though, so you'll just have to look for it yourself.
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