who was the best tank commander of ww2 ?


Jan 2018
A tank commander in what role? Tank vs. infantry, tank vs. prepared defenses, tank vs. tank? Tank on defense or tank on offense? Hell, it might be some guy we never heard of in the 10th American army who burned out Japanese defenses on Okinawa with a flame thrower Sherman.
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Jan 2017
Kurt Knispel ,
as for being reckless that often was a requirement when outnumbered
Wittmann was very serious about Anti-Tank guns holding them to be a superior threat to Tanks

a mention for Rudolph von Ribbentrop , son of the foreign minister , enlisted in the waffen SS on the first day of the war as a recruit
wounded five times , got many decorations and was promoted on merit ,
ended the war as commander of the rearguard battalion of LAHSS during the retreat to the american lines
a position of great trust and danger

during the battle of Kursk , he was resting in a forward position, near the village of Prokorovka ,
sunning himself on top of his PZKW 4 after the exhausting early day battles
a Ju observation plane then dropped a purple flare ..tanks ..then a second ...lots of tanks ...then a third .... !!!????
the whole skyline was full of T-34 tanks racing headlong toward them , brigades upon brigades
as the crew started the tank , they were overrun by the enemy who pay them no heed and were racing toward the ridge
Ribbentrop tell of being among the enemy shooting madly at them while his own side was shooting at everybody ,
he made it back in the line