Who were the most famous men in the world during the 19th century?

Feb 2019
So, would Queen Vicky count for this sometime after 1837? I mean, she was the monarch of the world's largest empire.
She probably would, but there's still a one year gap there :D I'd like to compile an uninterrupted timeline. Something like(following Bottrall's example): Napoleon - Goethe - XXXX - XXXX - ... - XXXXX(until 1914).
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But the Russians didn't get slapped until 1904. Having seem a lot of interwar propaganda against the Japanese. Outside of Asia I dont think the war did much to alter European thinking.
Well, 1905 really.

I'd say it did have some quite far reaching political consequences.
Battle of Tsushima - Wikipedia

Granted, your average man on the street probably wouldn't have known who Togo was.

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