Who were the Parthians?

Mar 2018
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Most people agree that Parthians were a nomadic iranian people, some say they had scythian ancestry because of their nomadic ways, I've even heard people say they were Kurdish and even Indian. At this point I'm not sure who to believe.

This thread is for discussion, a peaceful discussion. Please do not turn this into a nationalistic preaching of how the Aryan iranian people were superior and all that(believe me, things have escalated to this). So please be civil.


Ad Honorem
Mar 2013
I am interested in this as well- the Parthians seem to be a blend of peoples both from language remnants and cultural mores that are described. Being on the periphery of urban civilization even prior to their arrival as an emergent power then many years as Seleucid vassals before establishing their own kingdom or did it function more like a confederation?