Who were the Tocharians what ever happened to them?

Aug 2013
Did the famous Caucasian mummies in the Tarim Basin in China belong to the Tocharians? Were they Iranic or Indo-European? What about the Uyghurs? Uyghurs have often Caucasoid Features like the Tarim mummies.
Jan 2014
The Caucasian mummies found in the Tarim Basin were indeed the Tocharians. They spoke an Indo-European language, but mostly dissapeared by the 6th to 7th centuries due to displacement by the Turks and Mongols who started settling in the area, along with frequent intermixing. The result of that intermixing are the Uyghurs of today.
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Feb 2014
İndo-european with r1b haplogroup. They are tall people . They are very similar to celts.

So called Cuman turks they Tocharians. They become Mamluks.