Why are Hong Kongers all of a suddenly protesting for democracy when they were never a democracy?


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That's untrue, the electors only have the power to elect a portion of the legislative elected officials in Hong Kong, that clearly proves that the legal democratic approach won't work well in Hong Kong, since from the system itself all votes are not equal.
Which system has equal counting of all votes? I know in the US vote aren't the same. I think if you have district base on populations and you run election base on districts, the votes may not be the same.


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The district councils are democratic. They decide things like rubbish collection. The superstructure governing the city itself is NOT. What China has in HK is a free and open society, democratic at the micro level, with free press, free speech and free formation of opinon. And NO BLOODY WAY of making any of that actually matter in how the city is run. So it's taking it all to the streets by now.
The functional constituency wasn't invented by Beijing. I don't see people complaining about it then, seems rather ironic they would complain about it now.

The One Country Two System has always been a compromise. In a compromise, you don't get all you want.

China today looks strangely like Imperial Germany in 1900. Recently rich and powerful, again, with a MASSIVE chip on its shoulder, lots of opportunities from new wealth, welfare systems being implemented, tinkering with free public expression in a patchy way even – but COMPLETELY gridlocked and authoritarian at the top, where it matters. Hey, China today even tries the old chestnut of being Culturally Special compared to everyone else, and so universal values are supposed to not really apply to it – Imperial Germany claimed it had a superior German "Kultur" and complained about losing arguments with the French et al. since they argued from universal principles that Germany denied in favour of cultural specificity and exception. Just like China does today.
You have a lot of assumptions on the top Chinese leadership. What do you base your knowledge on?
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I someone from outside China actually cares about Hongkong, China will officially scream its head off about "foreign interference". If they don't, they're heartless bastards. Gets them coming and going.

It is in fact a common "suppression technique" known as the "double bind" – damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What is at stake, which I do care about, are the principles of the free and open society, civil rights and the free formation of opinion, rule of law, and the principles of accountable representative government. These are all at stake in Hongkong, whether some of the parties involved care about them or not, or even understands them.
Don't pretend to know Hong Kong or pretend to care about Hong Kong.

You will definitely not accept:

1. Hong Kong is Chinese.

2. The former Fraser College in Hong Kong ranked first, and it is still the freest city today.

3. Demonstrations can see more American flags and NGO personnel.

4. Demonstrators are killing civilians.

5. Some people are dissatisfied and protested anywhere in the world.But he is not the reason you can interfere in Hong Kong.


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Feb 2011

Are there really posters describing mainlanders as locusts?

Also, umbrellas in the movement are used to block video recording of riot violence, that's something the mainstream news don't tell you:


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Apr 2013
deeper there it is not about xenophobia.

the observation the riot committers are trained by gesture language, military organization, anti-reconnaissance....tells those guys are funded and assembled in a unique way

indeed, there might not be a leader showing in the front line, that does not mean the whole thing was not plotted underground.

some previously used the term "revolution", what kind of revolution is done by destroying fundamental constructions? by attacking civilians?

if it indeed is a revolution, they should attack the PLA. PLA is very easy to be found, if they do not have map, i can buy some and mail to them.
if they attack PLA with bravery and honor, we might give them some respect for their determination, after our PLA arresting them.

but what is the point of hijacking the society, as it is actually done now?
do they actually know the point?
who tells them what purposes they should serve?
are the violence committers the same ones who plotting the whole thing?

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Yeah! It's not like that would be an answer.

Do You have something more on that than just an assumption?
Sure, just say “CIA”and everyone runs for cover. The wonderful thing about saying “CIA” is that everyone who is so inclined can just say it and it explains everything. And nothing, of course.
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Sure, just say “CIA”and everyone runs for cover. The wonderful thing about saying “CIA” is that everyone who is so inclined can just say it and it explains everything. And nothing, of course.
The US isn't even utilising the CIA and isn't even hiding its intervention this time:

Had you cared to actually read the thread, you would have found this information already.