Why are tattoos so popular (or am I just imagining it)

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
I have a tattoo_ONE. A souvenir of New Year's Eve 1969, Singapore. I have regretted it since 1 January 1970. Very unobtrusive, right upper arm, and is covered by t shirts. I've always been embarrassed by it.Today it seems
I am constantly surrounded by ink; full sleeves, legs, backs, chests, even hands, necks and faces (I still think non tribal people with hand and/or facial tattoos are strange)

This love of ink seems most noticeable on entertainers of both sexes. Thankfully, quite a few seem to have been done by an actual artist. Oddly, I have always admired the irezumi, favoured by Yakuza, as works of art.. (tattoos are considered vulgar and disreputable in Japan, possibly because of the Yakuza link.)

YES,I know it's really none of my business, and wrong of me to judge anyone, for that ,or any other reason.

I'm trying to understand the motivation: peer pressure, fashion, rebellion, craving for attention, or what?

It's just that tattoos are permanent, or at least painful and expensive to remove.

Bart Dale

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Dec 2009
There seems to be a greater acceptance of tattoos among middle class men and women than in the past, at least in the US. Tatoos used to be just a working class thing, and primarily just among men. Now I have seen men and women from middle class, upper class getting tattoos. Not anywhere near the majority, but it seems much more accepted than in the past Perhaps that is the influence of entertainers.

All the reasons you gave apply. Some cases it's peer pressure, others it is just a fashion statement. It can also make you more unique, with a piece of art work you can always carry with you. What ever the reason, people have been getting art work for a real long time, and many societies around the world.practice the art, so it must serve a deep seated need.


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Mar 2012
It's a big enigma to me why people ever make tatoos. I can't imagine a woman willing to wear the same dress two or three days running. Meanwhile she's ready to have a sign on her body that will stay on her untill her death. I am at a loss here. Why not use some temporary signs on the body instead?