Why are we drawn to our tribes?


Ad Honorem
Oct 2016
Basic primate hard wiring ; primates prefer to live in an extended family group, a tribe is an extension of that. Also people bond by sharing the same culture, even if they dont live together, this allows people to see similarity and identity with others. It keeps people together so their genetics can experiment , expand and grow within the 'experiment ' .

There is usually a smattering of adventurers and xenopophyles that have fascinations with 'outside' , these are for bringing in admixture and diversity . So you will find some people that are VERY tribal, closed, loyal, defensive and some that are more open.

As far as loyalty to an area goes , that is a very old trait and relates to territory the way animals have territory. The territory of the Australian Aboriginal is intimately bound up with their identity as a clan member and an individual .