why Buddha and Mahavira Succeeded whiles others failed ?

Aug 2019
in History of India we see many Ancient Kings and Royals(Princes & people of Nobel Blood) leaving their kingdoms and doing Yoga to impress the gods and form their own Ashram/Math to spread their own unique ideas and teachings among people. Rig veda contains name of 31 such royals who became Saints, Divodasa being the most famous one and Biddha and Mahavira Swami being the most famous in late vedic to early Puranic age.

these Kings-turned-royals were able to spread their own teachings as their own separate religions while many other equally famous and legendary kings like Bharat, Visvamitra, Yayati, Pururavas were not able to form their own Dharma/Pantha and get large number of Chatras/Students like first three i mentioned above. what can be the possible reason ?


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Apr 2015
Religious movements like Ajivika didn't succeed in the way Buddhism and Jainism got a hold.
May 2018
Cannot be too specific, but from my reading I did get the strong impression that the early Buddhist community was careful not to "tread on toes" in local communities. They were dependent on charity and acted accordingly.
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Sep 2015
Sri Lanka

.................In the Gangetic plain, iron plough agriculture required the use of bullocks. But the indiscriminate killing of cattle for Vedic Rituals and Sacrifices caused resentment. The founders of Jainism and Buddhism did not prescribe killing as a religious rite. They secured their livelihood mostly by Alms. Celibacy and abstinence from holding Property made the new teachers much more acceptable than the Brahman priests. The people’s resentment about the Expensive and Elaborate Vedic Rituals, Animal sacrifice and their desire for Wealth eventually took them towards Jainism and Buddhism !.
Mahavira and Buddha lived a life of Purity and exemplified Simplicity and Self-denial. They lived in the times of Bimbisara and Ajatashatru, the famous kings of Magadha. The commercial development of the Northern cities like Kaushambi, Kushinagara, Benaras, Vaishali and Rajgir added importance to the "Vaishyas" who turned to Buddhism and Jainism in their eagerness to improve their Social Status.!!
Aug 2019
That's not an answer though, it's just a rephrasing of the OP.
That's true my question is why some King-turned-saints in India were able to form their own Dharma/Faith based on their own teachings while others failed.