Why can't pro-communist people simply accept that communism doesn't work?

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
I suppose we are all Communists in our young age, Capitalists in our early and late middle ages, Anarchists in our old age.

There is an aphorism; If you are not a communist at 20, you have no heart. If you remain a communist at 40, you have no head.

And a favourite; Youth and enthusiasm will always be beaten by old age and treachery.

All time favourite: All generalisations are lies.
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Sep 2012
Communism requires that human beings become united in brotherhood and behave altruistically when in reality, humans are selfish. There is, of course, such a thing as excessive selfishness which leads to the poorer sections of a society revolting against the better off sections. But instances of excessive selfishness leading to genuine revolutions are i) the French revolution ii) The Russian Revolution of 1905.
The ideal stage of a Communist Society comes when each one works according to his ability and gets according to his/her needs. But who is going to decide the abilities of everyone and the needs as well? There the Communist Party apparatchiks come in. And the ideal stage is gone replaced by a huge Concentration Camp.
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Nov 2018
Russian Federation
You really know nigh to nothing about human nature, do you? I'm pretty sure if you take a nomad to cold, dark USSR and make him work 40 hrs a week, he would more likely commit suicide than feel like a sultan.
thanks for fun man. approve it as former ussr citizen.

p.s. some jobs demanded 6 days 8 hrs work plus overtime. all jobs - participation in communist marches during free time. donations to party, to trade union, to poor friend countries of soviet russia, to employer organisation events, and hell knows what else. u could buy slightly more than nothing on your salary cause of deficit and black market prices. year after bedouin would curse allah and start drink vodka wishing live fast die young
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Jan 2010
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I suppose we are all Communists in our young age, Capitalists in our early and late middle ages, Anarchists in our old age.
I don't know about that. I was an anarchist until I figured out that for an anarchic society to work, it would have to be a totalitarian society where people automatically "do right" without laws or police--in other words a perfect tyranny. A society of the ant hill.

In my old age, I've become an "The world is going to hell but I don't give a * * * * because I'm old and will die soon" ist.
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Nov 2018
Russian Federation
ussr was bunch of national states made to live under communist rule. also china, vietnam, kambodja, east europe, africa - all communist regimes ended in poverty famine. fools say give it a try, we had not capitalist advantages like computers, robots, internet. the fact u borrow from opponent system means your failed.
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Dec 2012
Ivan: "Artem, if you had two houses, would you give me the extra one?"
Artem: "Of course! We're brothers in communism, you're my comrade."
Ivan: "If you had two cars, would you give me the second one?"
Artem: "Yes, of course, we're brothers, we're communists."
Ivan: "If you had two chickens, would you give me one of them?"
Artem: "No."
Ivan: "Why not?!"
Artem: "Because I have two chickens."
Oct 2013
But will unrest happen if the other 99% are still better off than their parents? I have never understood why people think inequality is bad in itself. It seems much more logical to only consider it bad if those on the lower strata of society are living in a worse condition than they lived in previous years/generations.
I beg to differ: people do not refer only to the past ("am I living worse than my parents?") but to the present too ("am I living worse than my neighbour?").

And more developed the society is, less important is the "past referential".
Sep 2012
You know second world parties never claimed that they have 'communism' in their countries. it was 'socialism' according to them and they were building or so they said the foundations of the bright future aka communism.
How can we explain to the kids what socialism is: get them to do the housework and then give half of their pocket money to lazy strangers from the neighborhood.
During the years of the 'mature' socialism, a man catches his wife with a lover:
'I am a member of the party, but if i wasnt i would have beat the crap out of you' - he says to his wife - 'I am a member of the party, but if i wasnt i would have caught your hair and dragged you along the streets. 'I am a member of the party, but if i i wasnt...'
The woman stares at him with horrified eyes and utters: 'Glory to the party!'

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