Why can't pro-communist people simply accept that communism doesn't work?

At Each Kilometer

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Sep 2012
Two naked members of the communist party lie in the bed.
The man: Let's start, all right?
His wife: Wait for a while, kids are not asleep!
After a while...
The man again: Let's start, the kids are asleep ...
His wife: Ok, let's do it, but quietly.
Both start to sing: Союз нерушимый республик свободных...*

*Unbreakable union of free republics etc / USSR anthem
Apr 2019
It might be helpful to think of marxist history as just that a retrospective.. interestingly and i can offer more evidence marxist views of the english and french revolutions have much credibility. Materialist interpretations of the past have much to offer and often the inappropriate yoking of a marxist "future" with the USSR have muddied the waters. Terry Eagleton and Slavoj Zizek have written most intersetingly on this.


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Mar 2014
Because of computer science and internet planned economy might be already possible. With planned economy and big brother watching from millions of cameras some form of Communism might work as well.
Feb 2018
Hong Kong
Not interested bud. I guess you think you are responding to what I wrote but you are not. You are putting words in my mouth and when somebody starts doing that the conversation has nowhere to go except downhill.

Have a nice evening macon. We're done.
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