Why can't pro-communist people simply accept that communism doesn't work?

Sep 2012
Two naked members of the communist party lie in the bed.
The man: Let's start, all right?
His wife: Wait for a while, kids are not asleep!
After a while...
The man again: Let's start, the kids are asleep ...
His wife: Ok, let's do it, but quietly.
Both start to sing: Союз нерушимый республик свободных...*

*Unbreakable union of free republics etc / USSR anthem
Apr 2019
It might be helpful to think of marxist history as just that a retrospective.. interestingly and i can offer more evidence marxist views of the english and french revolutions have much credibility. Materialist interpretations of the past have much to offer and often the inappropriate yoking of a marxist "future" with the USSR have muddied the waters. Terry Eagleton and Slavoj Zizek have written most intersetingly on this.

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