Why can't the US build basic rail?


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Apr 2015
I was quite surprised that rail transport in US didn't switch to electrified track to control pollution and cost cost. Unlike their European counterpart.


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Jan 2017
the locomotives are often diesel-electric , the diesel power a generator
I suppose it's because of the fragmented ownership of the rail lines , most of the traffic is freight
not having an electric grid is a great saving both in installation , maintenance and operation
electric power is used for commuter traffic , in the US that would be the suburban lines

locomotives don't have to be changed to conform to whatever requirements apply on one line ,
diesel work everywhere
it also make it more economical for the manufacturers to have some "universal" type

the above is just a supposition , here is some ( pro electric )discussion on the subject
Electrification of U.S. Railways: Pie in the Sky, or Realistic Goal? | Article | EESI.
and an anti electric one
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