Why can't the US build basic rail?


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
High Speed railways in countries like California [or Italy] costs a lot [terrain conditions impose more expenses]. In Italy it costs about 32.500.000€ per chilometer. It means 48.000.000 US$ per mile [about]. Anyway we have realized it and there are private companies which make their trains run on those railways [and they generate profit].

A part this [it's a political choice to spend€ coming from tax payers to realize a couple of high speed railways ...], there is an intermediate step: special trains able to run faster than usual also on common railway [up to 35% faster]. In Italy we have had the "Pendolino" between Milan and Rome which has been doing this for many years. We have exported the idea in Europe [from Portugal to UK, to Finland, to Germany ...] and it has met a good success.

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Ad Honoris
Oct 2013
Well, we were discussing rail transport compared to highway transport and the relative convenience of each in terms of Europe ridership and American ridership. Passenger trains in the US are the past, not the future, from a time when Americans did not own nearly as many cars as they do now on a per capita basis.
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