Why did America never suffer any uprisings after independence?

Oct 2018
Minneapolis, MN
I see Shays rebellion, and many other rebellions and uprisings, but when looking at uprisings, on the grand scale, for example there were 9 people killed in the entire Shays rebellion and 4 in the whiskey rebellion.

Of course the Civil war is a big one. And I think after that, one thing is the US has a very strong food supply at hand. We have a solid support system for poor without housing or medical care.

So the level of destitution maybe isn't quite where it is in other countries. Also we have a freedom of religion, where there's no need to rebel over being able to practice your religion.

Slavery was the one big cause worth fighting over. And yes there have been riots and arguments over race issues, but while maybe not as quick or as well liked as we would want, those tend to bring about change. civil rights acts were passed, affirmative action was passed, separate but equal declared unconstitutional.

Maybe it's that outside of slavery, the wrongs get righted a bit faster than some places. Maybe it's just that people have more to lose and realized that in the civil war.

Maybe it's that they aren't as destitute and desperate. Half of the richest earners in the world live in the US. 16 bucks an hour, (34k a year) is enough to be in that 1% worldwide of earners. The 1% don't rebel and try to destroy the system. Why break up a good thing?