Why did Austria look to quell the French Revolution and restore the monarchy?

Jul 2019
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Well, France did take off the heads of their monarchs. That might have something to do with it.

Metternich noted that: "When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold."

The French Revolution was radical stuff – even for today. It struck fear in the old regimes of 19th century Europe worried about its spread - and its ideas did travel widely.
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Feb 2009
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I agree with Brutus that self preservation was a huge factor. The other primary factor was that high ranking royals married within their own class, thus there were a large number of Austrian royals with relatives in France. There was undoubtedly an additional component of inheritances that were threatened by the change of regime.
Sep 2012
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The Queen of France that was executed was an Austrian Princess. Her Brother took it a bit personally. There were many minorities in the Austrian Empire. If Austria ignored France, the revolution could spread inside Austria.

Jun 2018
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Self serving pragmatism. The Hapsburg monarchy was afraid that their own people would become influenced by French Revolutionary ideology and overthrow them. By restoring the French monarchy, the Hapsburgs hoped to eliminate the threat of revolution at home.