Why Did French (Mostly) Disappear in Louisiana, But Not Quebec

Jul 2019
The French didn't disappear from Louisiana or the Louisiana territory in any way shape or form they were just a lot more heavily outnumbered and faded out by other groups and the French in the Louisiana territory didn't retain their heritage as well. In Quebec where the French people retain their heritage a lot better and they even have laws protecting it such as the French Languages laws.

Firstly demographics Louisiana was barely populated it only had around 60,000 people and most of those people were not even of French ancestry with around half of those people were African slaves and along with that another 10,000 of those people being the indigenous peoples. The population of Quebec was a little higher at around 70,000 people and almost all of those people were of French ancestry unlike the Louisiana territory which had a lot less people of French ancestry.

Secondly geography for Quebec was also a little smaller in size compared to the Louisiana territory unlike the Louisiana territory which almost all of it was inhabitable while most of Quebec especially the northern parts of Quebec are uninhabitable due to the Arctic/Ice Cap climates which would make settlement extremely difficult if not impossible for Europeans. The large amount of uninhabitable land caused Quebec to have a lot higher population density than the Louisiana territory where the population was more spread out.

FInally culturally a lot of Americans especially Anglo Americans on the East Coast of the United States wanted to expand, move, and live westward and along with that homesteading was enacted and it became extremely popular especially in the states that were once apart of the Louisiana territory and with that it attracted a lot of immigrants from foreign countries along with a lot of Americans that already settled in the United States before the United States bought the Louisiana territory from the French and most of the people that settled in the Louisiana territory were not French as well as the most of the immigrants that came to homestead land were not French or from France to causing the French population in the Louisiana territory to be severely outnumbered.
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