Why did India not get the gunpowder from China a little sooner

Nov 2012
I mean if far off lands in the middle east and Europe could get it; India which had strong ties culturally and in people to people contact with China should have acquired it earlier. Why did this not happen? Weaponization and modernization of military and artillery was very slow in India historically. Why did Indian kingdoms not look at this. Considering how many Chinese travellers came to India; getting to know of gunpowder should have been easy. I mean if Mongols could use Chinese technology to such great effect; Indian had the sharpest scientific minds and engineers; they could have easily deployed some innovative improvements.

What is India's history with regards to weapons and arms manufacturing. How did this happen in ancient time up until the Islamic conquests. How did it change in the Muslim era?


Ad Honoris
Mar 2013
Well, it was the Mongols who spread gunpowder. Usually by using it on their enemies. Military technology spreads fastest when it comes with a conqueror. I'm not sure how effective the Chinese were at innovating with Gunpowder, even though they invented it. The Mongols didn't have as much of an impact here as they did in Europe and Central Asia, atleast not for as long.
Nov 2010
So who said it didn't? Far from my subject but a quick search tells me:

Chinese gunpowder technology is believed to have arrived in India by the mid-14th century, but could have been introduced much earlier by the Mongols, who had conquered both China and India, perhaps as early as the mid-13th century. The unification of a large single Mongol Empire resulted in the free transmission of previously top-secret Chinese technology into a Mongol conquered India. Regardless, it is believed that the Mongols used Chinese gunpowder weapons during their invasion and subsequent conquest of India

Maybe an expert on India can enlighten us?