Why did it take France an extra 14 years to enfranchise Algerian Muslim women?


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Sep 2011
1945-1958 : un million et demi de citoyennes interdites de vote !

What apparently happened was that the vote for Muslim Algerian men AND women was adopted in principle in 1944, in Algeirs. BUT with the provision that the exact application of this would depend on a subsequent decision of an also newly constituted Algerian political assembly. This assembly never even tabled the motion of enfranchising Algerian Muslim women. Which meant the question wasn't broached until the profound political upheaval resulting in a new system in 1958.

What it stuck on in the Algerian assembly is a little less obvious (since it wasn't even discusses, there seems to have been no conflict forcing parties to argue a stance), but it tends to be the case that places that operate on a direct logic of sorting people in categories of domination and subjugation tend to be more radical about maintaining that than the powers across the waters.
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