Why did Marathas and Rajputs not cement an alliance


Ad Honorem
Nov 2012
The Marathas claimed some kind of descendency from Rajputs and both came from places where the common Hindu populace had suffered hugely under Mughal rule. Rajputs had cemented some marital alliances by marrying their daughters to Mughal rulers. Why would they not want to do the same with their co-religionists. Why did the Marathas not foresee this and give the bait of royal alliance with the Rajputs. This would have also cemented them inside the traditional Kshatriyadom, where they were still uncomfortably placed.

I mean I can easily see a Raja Jaisingh allying with Shivaji once he was banished by Aurangzeb or Rajput princes joining guns with Marathas to capture Surat in tandem with a dual sided attack. A combined strategy would have helped them both. Especially in Peshwa rule the Marathas could have easily given the bait of land to both Rajputs and even the Jats and letting them keep their autonomy. Pilgrimages like Kumb which would happen in Allahabad and Nashik could have been used as arenas to cement this brotherhood.

Did any such thing come into the fore? Why did it not work?