Why did much less immigrants historically settle in the Southern US than in other parts of the US?

Oct 2019
United States
Many of the 'birds of passages' did go home, the Irish notably.
Yeah, I said most when I should have said many. Most probably did stay, being that for centuries the passage was long and dangerous. With the second Industrial Revolution, many were able to migrate here, extract wages, and head back home where their hearts were.


Apr 2019
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I suspect that access to American Ports had something to do with immigration location. Immigration ships could return to Europe with products of North Eastern manufacturing whereas the Southern US had little or no manafactures.
Sep 2012
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The South normally shipped agricultural goods to Europe. Food and Cotton come readily to mind. Tobacco comes to mind as well. The transit time from the UK and France was also much shorter than to and from New Orleans. The devastation wrought by Yankee armies made a lot of the South less appealing for a yeoman farmer. Better farmland was available in the Great Plains and the West Coast. In America, the good farmland was often bought up by speculators and the rest had something wrong with it. Farmers in Appalachia saw a lot of damage in the ACW and the typical large families could not keep subdividing the family farm every 20 or 30 years.

Today the farmers grow a lot of Rice, Soybeans, Wheat and even Sugar Cane is growing on the Gulf Coastal Plains. They grow these because the farmers use a LOT of Fertilizer! Before the ACW, this was infertile soil, used to grow Cattle. Keep in mind the European Ports could reach the smaller Southern Ports but you needed a large enough market to sell the goods coming in. You need a rail network going away from the Port.

I grew up in Lake Charles. For many years the only tie they had with the outside world was a schooner that brought in goods from New Orleans! The Railroad came in and killed the river traffic. Once the rails came, people got together and started politicking to dredge a channel in the Calcasieu River to the Gulf of Mexico. Once that was finished people started bringing in industrial plants. Now people use the Port of Lake Charles instead of Goosport Port. The Port of Lake Charles used to ship a lot of Rice from Arkansas. An accident knocked down a rail bridge and the trade now goes to Texas!

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Oct 2019
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It's a well known objective fact that once the immigration push in the 70's happened with the Hispanics they threw them all across black communities, we have irrefutable population data to prove this as well as demographics data by year. Even now most of the hispanics are in what used to be black cities or black communities, some of which are no longer black cities and black communities, you can see this in California alone.

Some of the earliest places they were put in where Black Chicago, the Bronx, which was at first becoming more black then they the immigrants in to push them back out, many cities in California, parts of Florida, Texas, etc.

The fact such a fact is disputed despite available demographic population data by decade (and for some areas by year) is baffling.

How would it be "intentional" in a country where anyone may move wherever they please whenever they please ? What specific measures made it intentional ?

I would think that it is a rather "natural phenomenon".. Most "hispanics" were poor, so naturally they moved into poorer neighborhoods, [/URL]
We are talking about the 70-90's there was no "THEM CHOOSING" to move anywhere, they were places in these areas intentionally to be segregated off from the white areas. What makes you think the whites had any interest in seeing a bunch of hispanic immigrants in affluent NYC instead of the Bronx for example? Hispanics didn't "move" anywhere early on that's clear revisionist history.

They moved the hispanics into places like LA and Oakland on purpose, even in many cases gave state/federal government assistance to help place them there while the Blacks started moving OUT.

Also this immigration is where a good many of the drugs came from (that weren't from the CIA etc.) and some of the weapons. We have free data on these areas by decade in population it's not hard to see when the change occurred and what was going on in society and the news cycle during those times, 1+1=2.

They intentionally moved them in, giving them aid. if they "choose" anything then why is the pattern consistent across the US that it was always black heavy cities or communities? Why didn't the poor white areas take them and segregate them off? Common sense.


Jan 2018
In Chicago the first Mexican neighborhood was 18th St., (Pilsen) which had been a Bohemian neighborhood on the West Side. Indeed the Mexicans in Chicago seemed to follow the Bohemians west from Pilsen out to south Lawndale and into the heavily Bohemian inner suburbs of Cicero and Berwyn.

Other heavily Mexican neighborhoods were formerly Polish, German, Italian etc. And Mexicans often live in ethnically integrated neighborhoods alongside Irish, Italians, Lithuanians, Poles, Chinese etc. and intermarry with them; I know of many Mexican-Irish marriages, have a couple in my family. Many Mexican-Americans in Chicago speak with a Chicago "da Bears" accent.

Actually I can't think offhand of a Black neighborhood in Chicago that turned Mexican. In any event the major influx of Mexicans into Chicago was into Euro ethnic neighborhoods on the West, Southwest and Northwest sides, not into Black ones.
Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
The town I grew up in, Lake Charles, La went mostly Black. The Whites kept moving out of the city limits because Blacks were moving into the cheap housing. The North and East sides went first. My ex was raised in North Lake Charles. Lake Charles once held an Air Force base and the cheap housing around it went Black first. My family moved out in 1971. We had shared the street with a Hispanic family, the Lopezes, for several years. They were nice folks. A couple of years back I was driving to a McNeese football game and I was shocked to see my old neighborhood had gone Black! There were some houses built in the 70's that had new owners. This was a nice neighborhood! I noticed over the years the old affluent areas going Black.

It was in the 70's that I noticed Hispanics moving into North Lake Charles. The last time I went through I saw a lot of Hispanic grocery stores and small restaurants in the formerly Black East side. Neighborhoods change as time goes on. Heck, my brother married a nice Hispanic woman who was born North of Mexico City. The only Pruitt male in my family looks pure Hispanic. My niece married a Nigerian! My grandmothers would have had a stroke...

May 2019
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Minorities have always been a fact of life in what is now the US.

The Europeans were minorities in San Augustine, Charleston, New England, Long Island, Manhattan for decades.

It will all work out.