Why did Slovenia and Croatia want to secede from Yugoslavia instead of reforming Yugoslavia from within?


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Poles have that tradition about pre-medieval Sarmatian roots. So, to the nobility's perception at least, there is that connection to the Magyars' arrival from the East.
But Sarmatians or Scythians were Iranian-speaking peoples why Hungarians are not. Even for some time after their arrival and settling in Pannonia they were called Turks.
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That part about Croats having affinity with Poles? I perceive that as rather one-sided.

Poles would prefer Hungarians to Croats as far as I ever heard. Czechs having an affinity to Croats seems more justified.

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I think a lot of that has to do with this guy:
Ivan Pavao II. – Wikipedija.

Other than that, there were some ideas in certain circles about Poland taking leadership of central European Slavic states against the Ottomans, and they were certainly "close" as fellow Catholics fighting against the Ottoman menace. IIRC, Hungary tended to get the same treatment until a couple of snags.

At this point, there is not a single neighbouring state that I think is considered friendly to/with Croatia. Not sure if there is any such in Europe as a whole. I do believe there are some perceptions of Argentine and maybe US as being "friends".

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