Why did Soviets not help create the Republic of Mahabad


Ad Honorem
Nov 2012
A communist stretch to the West of Iran would have been a good location to have in there sphere of influence. Why did they not help create and sustain Mahabad Kurdish Republic which would have been a strong ally for them in the region.
Aug 2014
Huntington Beach CA
Maybe Stalin wasn't the expansionist Western Cold War propaganda painted him as. Don't forget that Stalin undersupported the Comintern (which he identified with Trotsky) before WWII. Stalin apparently really did believe in "Socialism in one country" until the Nazi invasion, and then took what he felt the Soviet Union needed for defensible borders. He did not invade Afghanistan before or during WWII when such an invasion would have been unopposed (and the Pushtun in the Afghan Mountains were no more formidable than the Kirghiz and Tajjiks in the Tien Shan). Stalin did not have the USSR take over Sinkiang. Mahadabad, like Central Asia was peripheral to Russia's interests and needs. As was mainland Greece, if Greece would result in the West raising Cain. Stalin did not send the Red Army into Northern Italy either.
We need to take a more critical historical look all these years after the fact in order to sort out how much the USSR's activities were truly expansionary, how much was a reaction to the West and simply resisting American world hegemony (things like Russia's push for nuclear weapons) and how much was an Anglo-American counterattack against indigenous communist movements (successful in Europe, unsuccessful in China and Vietnam) and even a domestic attack on the New Deal. Right now it's hard to tell where one starts and the other leaves off. But all of these elements are there.