Why did the National Party give up power in South Africa?

May 2012
Gongju-shi, Chungchangnam-do, Republic of Korea
The Afrikaaner-dominated National Party ruled South Africa with the help of draconian racial laws from the immediate post-war era until the referendum in 1994 which brought about the end of their system and soon after the end of the party(which has since been reformed with a changed platform).

So why did The National Party commit political suicide? Was it soley on De Klerk who was leader during the referendum?

How much do you feel the ANP and communists terrorism and rebellion influenced the whites to vote to establish a multi-ethnic democracy?

A arms embargo was established by the UN in the late 60's and made mandatory in 1977. Was it possible that the civil war could have been won even without the embargo? Was there any potential for a longer apartheid system, or is there something that could have been done to allow the Bantustans to thrive more and ensure white hegemony in South Africa?
Dec 2011
I think deKlerk just saw sense, that while they might win the battle, they couldn't win the war....