Why did the Scythians invade the ancient Near East?


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Jun 2012
Some early Indo-Iranian tribes were indeed believed to have gradually developed into full blown Europeans. Like the Allemani or Germanii, who some scholars actually believe initially sprang from the Kermani of the Iranian Plateau.

So, it is not really exactly inconceivable that Cimmerians were also Indo-Iranians, just as were Scythians & Medes.

While I myself, at least personally, have for quite some time tended to be of the view that Pontic Cimmerians were simply the European version or branch of the Himalayan Kamboja. And vice versa. Like they were two very closely related tribes who were once initially the same one tribe - Andronovo having been a candidate common (or maybe part common) source or ancestor culture - but somehow split into two & gradually diverged further & further apart over many centuries.
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Jul 2019
Interesting stuff! It was inevitable that all those cimmerians would linger in Anatolia I guess, nowhere else to go.