Why didn't African Communists federalize their countries along ethnic lines?

Aug 2014
That was basically my understanding as well.

I don't think most African independence leaders or nationalists were leftists in the real sense. Some definitely were, but several African leaders clearly were not.
I was talking about African independence leaders who were Marxist. Especially those in the Portuguese colonies.


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Nov 2011
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"Communism" for African leaders, especially those in "liberation movements" was a convenient "off-the-shelf" philosophy and quite handy during the cold war when there was cash, weapons and other assistance available from the USSR and China. The examples of 1917 and 1949 of taking everything away from the haves and giving it to the have-nots (or possibly just smashing it up) was appealing--so was the idea of simply liquidating all dissenters (hey, they can't argue from a shallow grave can they?).
The proof of the pudding is in the demonstration of results--where has "communism" or even a form of socialism that has resulted in an improvement in the life of the people developed in Africa? After the Arusha Declaration of 1967 possibly only Tanzania attempted to institute a real form of socialism unlinked to tribe or ethnicity which swiftly led to total bankruptcy--elsewhere African leaders merely became kleptocrats with a robber-baron leader favouring his own tribe or, often, just his own family.