Why didn't Armenians or Georgians ever become Muslim like the Anatolians, Azeris, Circassians, et cetera did?

Nov 2018
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I want to correct something. Azerbaijanian people, Azerbaijanian Turks are from the Oghuz branch just like the Turks of Anatollia. Our language are the same. Even the Azerbaijanian Turks are generally watching Turkish tv channels as they haven't got so manny channels.
Nov 2019
I don't know about Armenians but 250K Georgians were moved to Persia by Saffavid king, Abbas the great from eastern Georgia. They converted to Islam and were among nobles, generals, governors and professional soldiers of Saffavids. Some Saffavid Kings had Georgian wives and mothers. The most famous muslim Georgians I can recall are Allahverdi Khan (high ranking general and wealthy man, his son Imam Gholi Khan, and Gorgin Khan. Allahverdi was a wealthy and cultured man. He built the famous Siosepol bridge on Zayanderoud river in Isfahan. Imam Gholi Khan was one of the most famous and capable Saffavid generals. He defeated Portuguese navy/army and recaptured Gomberon port (today Bandar Abbas), Hormuz and Bahrain islands. Gorgin Khan was governor of Qandahar and his mistreatment of local Pashtuns brought the end to Saffavids. Hotaki Pashtuns revolted and ended the Saffavid dynasty.

I think mother of Shah Abbas was Georgian. Majority og Shah Abbas special gaurds were Muslim Georgians. There are some Georgian towns and villages still in western Isfahan province. Fereydan is a town with a significant Georgian population in Isfahan province. Some of the locals still speak a dialect of kartveli.
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Armenia used to be much larger. It is very likely that a lot of Armenians converted to Islam, today we know them as Turks.
I don't know. Armenian people used to inhabit a much larger area, but most of them were still Christians.
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I don't know. Armenian people used to inhabit a much larger area, but most of them were still Christians.
Yep, AFAIK, even in the early 20th century, most Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were probably Christian. Of course, there were Muslim Georgians--specifically the Adjarans and the Laz people. Interestingly enough, there is a mass movement in favor of re-conversion to Christianity among the Adjarans over the last couple of decades (following the collapse of the Soviet Union).
Mar 2012
Is he an Alvi Kurd ? When Kurds saved some Armenians from Ottomans these are naina adopted kuridsh culture, language and religion and mixed with them.
I just want to make a clarification:
When it comes to Armenian tragedy, kurds are as much faulty as turks (or ottoman leaders). Whereas turks consisted of mainly the masterminds and small chunk of extremely-indoctirinated-racist soldiers (comparable to SS of third reich), the dirty work was done by majority kurdish and later circassian villagers who were more than happy to comply, after all armenjans were the educated ans wealthy part whereas kurds were peasents who had a great jealousy.
Turkish villagers had very, very little role and actually saved (in my hometown, for example) their armenian neighbours in hiding or escaping.