Why didn't Charlemagne expanded further into Eastern Europe?

Feb 2016
Atlantic Ocean
Because he had already accomplished such great things? why risk it all for some crappy eastern lands?


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Apr 2017
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I wonder how he could enforce his authority over the territory he did claim to rule, let alone beyond it. The infrastructure built by the Romans had deteriorated. The Frankish Kingdom consisted mostly of self sufficient manors with limited connections with the outside world. The situation was better in Italy, but not what it was in Roman times.


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Aug 2015
Slovenia, EU
Because Slavs would have k!cked his hairy Frankish a$$, that's why. Lol.


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Jul 2015
Because the further east you got the more "barbarous" it got. If you only look at the effort it took to incorporate Saxony, you can imagine the difficulty further east. Plus much like now Germany gets gloomier, muddier and rougher the further east you go.


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Nov 2010
If he did it wouldn't have lasted long. The inability to support the Catalan Counties after his death led to disillusionment and defacto independence from the Carolingians.
Aug 2016
Saxon lands were equally "crappy" - they consisted of hairy barbarians, forests, some agriculture.
What can be observed is that more oganized organisms appeared at eastern Frankish border: Avar caganate, Slavs started to organize simple states and also perhaps the empire itself lost the expansion momentum and needed to spend resources and energy for internal issues.

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Sep 2012
It's worth to mentioned the kingdom of Samo in the beginning of VIIth century. Samo ruled over Moravian slavs ~two centuries before Charlemagne and according to Chronicle of Fredegar, he was a Frankish merchant. The only other slavic state i can think of is Moravia, but it emerged in central europe 20 years after Charlemagne's death.