Why didn't Mussolini take the quickest way to Switzerland?

Oct 2014
Mussolini fled Milan in April 1945, seeking to escape from the partisans who have essentially captured the city and enter neutral Switzerland from where he would take a flight to Spain. He was captured in Dongo 2 days later.

Looking at the map, it would have been quicker for Mussolini to go directly from Como to Lugano in Switzerland. Why didn't he suggest this route?


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Aug 2011
His direct route may have been blocked by groups of partisans. The roads are few and there are plenty of short tunnels. Lots of opportunities for ambush. The partisans didn't operate along a front and neighbouring valleys may be controlled by different groups. They will have been looking to trap him somewhere and it really would be a game of cat and mouse.
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Jan 2019
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Maybe he knew Swiss wouldnt let him in.Swiss didnt want to mess with outside politics and wanted to be completly neutral.
Mar 2019
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^ I second that sentiment. Switzerland wanted to remain neutral, and aiding Mussolini in his escape plan would not only be the exact opposite of neutrality; it would've painted a big target on them for the Allies as they would've effectively declared themselves a sympathizer for the Axis.