Why didn't Napoleon give the Polish Corridor and Galicia to the Duchy of Warsaw?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
I know that Napoleon created a Polish puppet state in the form of the Duchy of Warsaw when he was winning the Napoleonic Wars:

Duchy of Warsaw - Wikipedia

However, what strikes me as interesting is that this Duchy did not have either the Polish Corridor or Galicia--which remained a part of Prussia and Austria, respectively. Why exactly was this the case? After all, both the Polish Corridor and Galicia had large Polish populations--often a Polish majority. Thus, why didn't Napoleon give these areas to the Duchy of Warsaw?
May 2017
The polish politic of Napoleon has never been clear.First,he wanted to keep the opportunity to use polish unities like the Revolution,especially in the cavalry,where the polish officers were used as excellent instructors:
-polish lancers of the Imperial Guard for the unities of the Guard.
-polish lancers of the Vistule for the unities of Spain.
-polish krakus, "the french cosacs",for the new régiments of "chevaux légers lanciers".
Secondly,he wanted to have a "sentinelle avancee" in front of the russian empire.Saxe was not a sure collaborator of his system in center Europe (ex:Leipzig).Poland could give more garanties.But in the purpose to not provok Austria,Prussia and Russia,he decided to put at the head of the duchy of Varsovia the prince of Saxe.Confronted to the national polish revendications,he was allways incertain.That is the reason why he accepted the existence of a symbolic state-he couldn t do less-but refuse for it a territorial extension.In these conditions, he never accepted to give to Poland a corridor to the sea,which would have provoked a confrontation with Sweden and the Empires.He has used the polish nation for his wars (a division in Spain,an army corp in Russia) but he has never given to her the real capacities to build a real state.