Why didn't the Ancient Chinese use plate armor like the Greeks, Romans, Europeans?


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Feb 2011
I'm still waiting for any evidence for handheld crossbows of 2000 lbs of draw weight. After all these years people keep saying it but so far not a single shred of evidence. The only reproduction I've seen which achieved that much draw weight ended up with a prod way too heavy to be handheld.
Nov 2017
kaya confederacy made plate armor during the 3rd century AD but in cavalry archer warfare, plate armor was not useful in east asia. hence the reason european knights fell to hun and mongolian warriors

Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
Mongolian victories had nothing to do with what armour each side wore. A battle is determined by dozens of factors: numbers, tactics, terrain, logistics, transportation, commander ability, weather, experience, morale, resources, intelligence, training, local support, and so on. If you list these in order of importance, the equipment that each side used is way down near the bottom.
Feb 2019
Cost. Making a full plate is expensive. Remember, Plate Cuirass isn't just a plate. Its folded to make it as light as possible and to be symmetrical to a human torso, it needs to be symmetric to deflect a blow(a flat plate get dented). The Chinese relied on high numbers peasant armies. Greek use of plate armour is limmited since Hoplites had to buy their own equipment. By the Hellenistic time the Linothorax was common.

The Romans never used plate armour besides officers. Chaimail or Scale was used by the average soldier. The Lorica Segmentata is simply lamminated Steel/Iron armour.
If they can't steal it the Chinese aren't interested in it. Some things never change.
Jul 2015
Japari Park
Recently restored bronze cuirass dated to late Shang or early Zhou Dynasty, excavated in 2013 from Baoji, Shaanxi. A single bronze greave or bracer, which is part of the same set, was excavated together, but restored several years earlier (pictured below).

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Jan 2019
Southeast Asia
Looks very similar to European bronze armor.
If it is from the transition from Shang to Zhou, then it predate the earliest Greek muscle cuirass found that date back to 720 BC by several centuries.

The human body is the same shape all over the world. The basic style of body armour has changed very little over the last four thousand years.
What basic style of body armor changed very little for 4000 years?

It is like saying because human body are the same, therefore clothes changed very little over the centuries or because all human have the same body, they all have the same standard of hygiene and it change very little in the 4000 years.