Why didn't the USA use atomic bomb like indimidation on USSR after ww2?

Dec 2010
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Sending 45000 soldiers over ground zero of a just detonated atomic bomb in a training excercise in peace time? No The US never did something like that. they could never do something that brutally hardcore in a million years. You realize most of these people died of radiation poisoning within weeks and months?
I have to say, "And...?" here.
Dec 2010
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Imagine USA to be attack by USSR because of some smart challenge of USA.
Yes, that would be a scenario where the US responded with atomic bombs, but only if the government felt they would win the fight. We'd be less likely to use them on our own soil. They could be used against a fleet of transports, for example, or something like that.
Dec 2012
A better question would be "what were the parameters for US use of atomic weapons from September 1945 to June 1950?"
I'm sure they were heavily revised after 1947 when the USSR got the bomb. (I think that's the year, going off memory so don't crucify too badly if I got it wrong :zany:)

Edit- After the Soviets got the bomb I think it caused the U.S. to be extremely cautious in our use of it. Truman was still President when MacArthur advocated nuking the Yalu river valley but he did not. I'd say the Soviets having their own arsenal had something to do with that.
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US had everything to gain from a Powerful(just in appearance) USSR..

Why? They had 4 years this atomic bomb before USSR have it.

So why they didn't drop it or much better to use it to control what they are fighting today to take control from Europe and save any other country from Russia influence and the bad things they did?
I don't know how many would agree with me, (I am indeed preparing myself for counters and tough replies) but in reality it the US had everything to gain from a Stand off with USSR than a successful war with them.

For instance imagine, USSR was destroyed by Nuclear weapons or conquered by USA then the western allies and the rest of the world including UK would have seen USA as a threat (Most powerful nation is always seen as a threat than a friend by other powerful nations).

In such a case the US would have suffered hell lot because of the diplomatic stances aftermath. Who knows Britain and other European nations could have even wanted US to remove troops from Europe and other locations. Furthermore if most major countries openly dislike US then US trade (Export from extensive mass production) would have hampered a lot.

UK or possible a united Europe (much like today's EU) could have had a stand off (in other words a cold war) with US instead of USSR.

So in Short having a common enemy (Preferably powerful one) is always good for Superpowers, also Superpower(hood) is like a balance and it requires some sort of equal weight on the other side for it to work or it will collapse on its own.
Feb 2014
It would have made the atomic bomb be seen as any other conventional weapon. Once submarines, gas weapons, machine guns, and napalm were seen as weapons that only a murdering or insane nation would use.


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Sep 2011
IF you're going to threaten the USSR with nukes, you must be prepared to follow through and really nuke the USSR.

Because if you don't then that was an empty threat. All it would take would be for the USSR to decide that, on balance, the US is bluffing, and call it. And if the US would leave he nukes alone, the game would be up. Except the US would have shown itself a paper-tiger, and any credibility and goodwill relative the Soviets would be gone, while the Soviets also would not forget the US willingness to threaten it.

Which means right out of the gate the US would need to just decide to nuke the USSR, nothing more or less. Deciding to try to intimidate the USSR using some nuclear black mail would NOT be the the decision to make.

Which means the scenario to blackmail the USSR for the US must be treated as a scenario where the US uses its four or so nukes on the USSR, possible to the best effect that might have. But then the US gets to fight WWIII with the USSR.

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