Why didn't the USA use atomic bomb like indimidation on USSR after ww2?

Sep 2014
Ahaha they were chickens. This is what i believe

The same answer to you. They were communist, every smart man knew what would happen with Poland and all the east Europe countries. Just taake a look how many people die because of Russia after ww2 just for hunger!!!

How many people die in Japan because of USA atomic bombs and how many die in USSR and out side because of them after the ww2?
Restraint is not chicken. During the Cuban missile crisis, one Russian sub officer prevented WW3 because he had seen the horrors of a nuclear accident on K 19. He refused to attack the American ships harassing the sub he was on.

Insanity is knowing the horror but still doing it.
May 2018
Houston, TX
From what I have read, Stalin was 'aware' of the A-bomb, but did not really get motivated to counter the U.S. advantage until he had seen the reports of his agents who had been to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and brought back films, data, etc. That got his attention in full measure. The availability of the plans and data from Los Alamos, etc. were then given a top priority, as was the subsequent intelligence operations to track Western improvements in atomic weapons.

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