Why do people miss the USSR and a lot even want it back?

Jun 2019
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Me? But my preferences are off topic anyway, I have never lived under Communism. But to reply regardless, there's no question about it, I value my freedom too much to choose Stalin or any totalitarian regime anyway, and in any case, Macron is not exactly the perfect candidate as an advocate of "wild capitalism". He is a neoliberal, but not of the Chilean, Chicago Boys variety. Besides, it's not just about a deregulated economy; corruption, nepotism and favouritism are unrelated to economic models, they are malaises that can be observed regardless, augmenting the bad sides of any model.
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May 2014
I have the idea that the Soviet Union was far better in every sense when it comes to the Central Asian Republics, especially Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. Also the predicaments of Armenia, Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh wouldn't be there if not for the collapse of Soviet Union.
Turkmenistan is actually doing pretty well right now due to its huge natural gas reserves. :)
May 2014
I think the reason is because Communism was not succeeded by a balanced, well regulated model of Capitalism, but by the wild variety, with massive inequality, widespread poverty with no social state to soften the edges, and corruption. For many, this resulted in a life much worse than the one under Communism. They were poor and unfree then, but healthcare, education, employment, a roof over their head, all the basic material needs were guaranteed by the state, in contrast to what followed afterwards.

I've met several immigrants from ex-Communist countries, when I asked an elder Ukrainian lady to compare then and now, she told me that what she missed the most from Communism was the lack of stress; if someone refrained from stepping on the regime's toes, life was quiet and without much to lose sleep over.
The fact that this lady is Ukrainian speaks volumes considering that Ukraine hasn't performed very well after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even Russia and Belarus performed much better.
May 2014
Thing is, it's a very complex question without a straight answer. Among the revolution's old breed, ethnicity meant nothing. Heck, Dzerzhinsky was Polish. But during Stalin's rule, being part of certain ethnic groups at certain times and places meant doom for people. Like Holodomor for Ukrainians, forced exile of Chechens, Ingushis, Kabardilos, Crimean Tatars etc. Although not openly antisemitic but there have been sporadic instances of antisemitism throughout the history of Soviet Union. And there was always a hegemony of Europeans over Asians. Probably it was partially because of the remoteness and underdeveloped state of Asian USSR but such discrimination weren't uncommon.

However, it is undeniable that Soviet Union was far better than what most of the post Soviet Republics have become. And biggest irony is that it was/is the former Soviets themselves who turned their respective homelands into whatever they are now. Especially true for Belarus and the Asiatic Republics.

Armenia is the extreme example of the tragedy of post Soviet states. Azeri-Armenian conflict was something that was kept in check by the Soviets. Also the presence of the Soviets means less interference from the self styled Gods of liberal Islam down south. Once that were gone, Armenians were finished.

Sigh, it gives me creeps to think about those poor fellas at Metsamor.
The Soviets are the ones who are responsible for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the first place, though. They could have given N-K to Armenia at the very beginning but didn't.
Oct 2013
Monza, Italy
Here in Italy some people have nostalgia for the era when Soviet Union was a worldpower because.....they're Communist (I won't deny it's a small percentage of the population though). For some Communists Soviet Union was a myth, a legendary nation who had fough against Nazi barbarians and who was fighting against imperialism/ capitalism.
I'd like too to know why some former Soviet citizens prefer today's to the '70 and '80 in Soviet Union (because today it's oligarch's rule? high crime-rate?)...or the contrary (because economy wasn't good as in the West under Brezhnev or Andropov?).
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