Why do we still call Mesopotamia the "cradle of civilization"?


Ad Honorem
Oct 2016
A little off topic . ... adian 808 , are you from Côte d'Ivoire ? I was involved in helping some people there create farmland out of war zone (from Australia, I was not IN Côte d'Ivoire ). Iused to work for Biodynamic Agriculture Australia and was organizing to get them good agricultural systems and organic methods , educate them in soil restoration and teach them how to make their own fertilizers and soil treatments from the locally available materials . Also get them some some wheel barrows and gardening tools .

They sent me a photo , although they had nothing, and where trying to restore a scared battle field, still with mines in some places , into a farm from land given to them by government and had (then ) , one broken wheelbarrow, a spade, and some digging sticks, and unfortunately some where war casualties - they had limbs missing , BUT they where all together happy and had the most wonderful smiles on their face , beaming out joy and happiness to be given this simple and difficult opportunity .

Truly a remarkable people ! ... an inspiration for the rest of us