Why Does All the World Bow Before Western Music?

Jun 2019
United States
Never mind the fact that most of the world (deplorably) loves American rap music. Western classical music completely dominates all "local" forms of non-pop music everywhere it has ever been.

Countries like China and Japan (for example) are extremely proud of their cultures---yet even during WWII, during the height of anti-Western xenophobia, no cultured Japanese or Chinese would even dream of attempting to seriously compare what passed as "music" in those cultures to Western classical music, and the teaching and performing of western classical music never ceased being considered a mandatory part of any educated and cultured persons upbringing.

Why did non-western cultures never develop anything remotely comprable in complexity and beauty to western classical music?
Why is it deplorable to like American Rap music? I mean most of it is pretty bad lol. I think non western cultures probably have developed complex forms of music, but like everything else it has been lost over time and not as focused on by the writers of history who have a west leaning bias.
Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
I just had a Korean friend over (usually he and I eat disgusting amounts of sushi and watch violent movies) to teach some other friends Korean. Why? Because these girls are all obsessed with K Pop and want to shout adoration to the singers on stage in their native tongue. They cute. Very cute. Too cute... Like literally adorable to the point that it hurts. Instead of violent movies, we all got to sit around and decide who was the dreamiest member of BTS. :smirk:

Apparently Korean pop music has a fast growing following in the States.


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Apr 2010
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Before her it was probably Hideki Tojo. So Yoko was still an improvement.
Right. But the fact that she IS the most famous Japanese person rather demonstrates the prevalence of Western music.

Then again, you might ask the question, who's more famous, Taylor Swift or Lionel Messi.


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Jul 2014
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When it comes to classical music, western classical music is simply unrivalled. No debate there.

Traditional music is what it is. I wouldn't say Alpine yodeling is more popular than Mongolian throat singing or some tribal chanting. It is usually listened to in the area of a certain group and often doesn't have much reach beyond that, unless it influences another more widespread style of music.

Hard to evaluate pop music. Other pop styles have probably come from western pop, but took their own path and western pop itself ultimately evolved from black slave music and country music, which itself has developped from various European music styles. I don't think Arabs listen much to western pop, in the Blakans the turbo folk genre is very strong, Russians have their own peculiar pop music, so do Indians, the Chinese etc.
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