Why Does Poland Have No Medieval History?

Aug 2018
Thank you so much for the knowledge, guys. It seemed so difficult before to learn anything about this country because there were no documentaries on Youtube. Where I live, there is so much Polish ancestry that there is a town called Sobiesky. We call it Sober-up-Sky for good reasons. :lol:


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Mar 2013
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As I have statetd previously-Jan Sobieski is a Papal hero whose tapestry portrait hsngs today in the modern Papal apartments in the Vatican because he- Jan Sobieski -who also had Lithuanian links-stopped the Ottoams rmy at the gates of Vienna- Austria being a devoutly Catholic country


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Jan 2017
Poland Lithuania was the great power of the East until their internal politics made them self destruct
a sad indictment of aristocratic democracy gone mad

They lost Ukraine and Smolensk had a family feud between the Polish and Swedish side of the reigning house

they ravaged Russia during the "time of troubles" and the whole saga of the false Dimitri

only to be broken during the period called "the deluge"

the Polish state was so fractured that the great noble families would conduct their own foreign policies often at odd with each others ,
on the plus side , they managed the religious schism peacefully
Sep 2018
This thread is asking about Polish medieval history, and people keep mentioning the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The PLC did not exist in the medieval era, it was officially founded in 1569 with the Union of Lublin. Before that time, Poland and Lithuania were separate states allied through royal marriages.

There is plenty of Polish medieval history, but maybe you can't find much because there is not enough written in English. If you are really interested in studying the topic in detail, I would recommend you learn the Polish language.

Here is an English-language Wikipedia list with pages of historical Polish rulers. You could browse the ones from the medieval period if you are interested in some basic info: List of Polish monarchs - Wikipedia

Also, here is a book you may be interested in if you have any interest in Polish medieval military history: Medieval Polish Armies 966–1500


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Jan 2017
Poland has plenty of medieval history , their destiny was to be the Great power to the East
but they stuffed it as is their habit , national suicide is their ever present theme
Dec 2009
Poland has plenty of medieval history , their destiny was to be the Great power to the East
but they stuffed it as is their habit , national suicide is their ever present theme
"their destiny was to be the Great power to the East"


So firstly I take it you mean Eastern Europe? and secondly there was plenty of opposition from the Russians, Balkan Kingdoms, Hungary, Ottomans.

During the Hussar period, yes they had a moment as a sturdy Kingdom but seeing as Europe was soon entering the Polearm & Pike era and eventually Pike & shot, Poland's famous Hussars were soon to be relegated in effectiveness and I saw no other talented military wing of the Polish forces that demonstrated to me that they were advanced in any other area to continue military dominance once cavalry took a back seat to infantry again.

Even in their peak Hussars were pretty much matched by Ottoman Sipahi.

Don't get me wrong they were elite cavalry, its just that cavalry as a field winner was on its way out in the 16th Century and was already dead and buried further West.
Mar 2017
I liked that animated history, it was really condensed & entertaining.

Part2 puts to rest the "myth" of Polish cavalry fighting German tanks during the Blitzkrieg: no supporting evidence.

Except my father was THERE. He was a captain in the cavalry, mounted on his Polish Arabian as the tanks rolled in.

"Some men put their sabres into the tank ports hoping they would hit someone. What else could we do? We only had one grenade launcher for every ten men. We were prepared for war against Russia, not Germany. Russia didn't have tanks."

A piece of shrapnel hit him in the head & knocked him off his horse. He woke up in the hospital after it was all over, then started a bit of an odyssey like many many others in Europe ... passing through Lubyanka then Siberian concentration camps before regrouping in the Middle East (he ditched his uniform and claimed to be a private, and avoided Katyn).


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Jan 2017
Poland had a structured kingdom at the time Ivan Kalita was a mere tax collector for the Golden horde ,surviving at their pleasure
the Polish Lithuanian Union controlled most of Ukraine up to the Black sea coast
the Russian dukedoms were divided and feuded against each other
the victory of the "battle on the ice "against the Livonian order was a single spark in a dark sea of impotence

the rise of muscovy only happened under Ivan III "the Great " around 1470
victory in breaking the Tatars was only in 1480

Had the Poles been less obsessive with their own glory and petty feuds they might quite easily have absorbed all of the principalities

P.S. to dios
" We were prepared for war against Russia, not Germany. Russia didn't have tanks."
There was no Russian army , but the soviet RKKA had 11.000 tanks
Aug 2018
Poland's history is largely overlooked in the West and much of the world at large because, in Hegel's words, the Slavic nations were culturally inferior and their only place in history has been to defend Europe from Asiatic invaders. Hegel also separates the Russians from the rest of the Slavs, pointing out that Russia is a Scandinavian Germanic creation, not a Slavic one, and that this is why Russia is unique above the other Slavic nations. Seeing how part of Poland was ruled by Prussia in Hegel's time, one can see why Hegel would consider Slavs inferior to Teutons.
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