Why Don't we Smell Good?

Aug 2013
Our smell is what it is because we have no benefit from smelling good to other species.

Why we don't consider all our own smells good, is another question. Small babies smell good, but unwashed adults don't. Either there is a benefit to not thinking sweat smells good or it doesn't matter what we think. Or then, there would be a benefit, but evolution just didn't take us there.

Humans are very good at differentiating fresh from spoiled food by smelling, perhaps the benefits of this is so much bigger than thinking other people smell good, that out sense of smell ended up like this.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
We are big walking talking bacterial colonies, inside and out and we slough off dead skin cells constantly. Some of what we would define as "bad smelling" could be due to inactivity combined with poor hygiene. If you've ever been hiking outdoors with others for a solid month, one's definition of good and bad smells changes, as the body functions optimally. There is a spectrum of good and bad odors, and there are also pheremones involved, eliciting certain responses.
Jun 2015
social construct.

in paleolithic times, when we evolved, there were hardly times to take showers. i think once humans started to live in more permanent communities, we had to have means of cleanliness. one could **** outside a cave in 15000 BC, but after the Neolithic, it made less sense and would have pissed a lot more people off.


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
Odor is in the nose of the beholder. Anybody who has pets knows that dogs and other animals seem to enjoy the smell of what most humans would consider putrid. Now, most humans seem adverse to certain odors from natural bodily functions. Maybe this is nature's way to remind us to bathe.:)

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