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In 1874, French Orientalist Francois Lenormant analyzed Turkic-Sumerian mythology by comparing Sumerian myths with Central Asian magic and cultural similarities, in addition to comparing Sumerian language with Ural-Altaic languages. He published his book La magie chez les chaldeens et les origines accadiennesconcluding Sumerian to be Turanian.

In 1915, Renowned German Assyriologist Fritz Hommel showed that 200 Sumerian words were Turkic.

In 1999, the book "And the Whole World was One Language" by Selahi Diker asserts that Sumerian is a Turkic language and that many other archaic languages are derived from Turkic.

In the book Sumerian Turks: Civilization's Journey from Siberia to Mesopotamia by Mehmet Kurtkaya (2016) is the ultimate proof of Sumerian origins. All related literature since the 1850s plus all social, cultural, econopolitical and geographical aspects including their much ignored neighbors! Groundbreaking suggestions/corrections on Hurrian, Scythians, Hatti / Hittite, Goth, Gut / Gutians, Ogur and Oguz Turks, Turukku and their relations to Sumerians based on already publicly available cuneiform info.
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The last book you quote has, in its description in the amazon link you gave the quote: "How were the ancient civilizations of Sumer and Maya, physically a world apart, actually connected?" That's enough for me to know that I can immediately discount it as fantasy. It falls in the same category as pyramids being build by ancient astronauts.

As for your other sources, I'm glad that 3 people in 115 years found links between Summerian and Turkic. To my limited knowledge, the vast bulk of the experts in this field consider Summerian to be a language isolate. It's wikipedia page doesn't even mention Turkic, and it does mention a lot of other potential family groupings and why they don't have any evidence. This isn't something I care anywhere near enough about to conduct extensive research myself, so I'll trust with the bulk expert opinion unless some exceptionally strong evidence appears to change my mind.

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