Why I think Isolation Nationalism doesn't work-sameness, driving a people mad, leading to drive to world conquest


Ad Honorem
Jul 2013
The idea of people "being nationalists for all nations" doesn't seem to work. That a nation can be isolationist and still nationalist....I think is simply too far fetched.

Imagine if world power nation was nationalist and pursued similar goals to only helping its own interests. It will drive the rise of samness in that nation, people in the society will adopt a primitive way of thinking and put down differences to the point everyone is a similar. Since isolationism ignores morals on a global scale, people will have no remorse for the outside oppression in the world, leading to an eventual destruction of moral values leading to a very animalistic primitive mind. Life IMO will be eventually very boring for you no longer really care about anything anymore but the growth of the nation. One will have to then prentend to care about the world leading to a white man's burdern. (or Chinese man's burden)Enemies will then have to be created ie. other nations and the nation will slip into demonization, paranoia, pointless militarism, and eventually a desire for total world domination and the enforcement of your values.