Why, in modern history, does no other country come close to tiny Israel in terms of miraculous Rescue Operations?

The thread is inspired by a movie that I have watched a very long time ago based on the real-life event of OPERATION THUNDERBOLT.

The relatable drama was so well balanced that the accuracy of the factoids presented in the film was not compromised. The film has made an everlasting impact on my perception of the most liberating nation in the Middle East today. Seriously, skip to the part where Yonatan 'Yoni' Netanyahu died.

The force of Israel had to fly all the way to Uganda while avoiding detection in order to rescue a sizeable group of individuals that weren't completely Jewish. Meanwhile, the great USA - with a policeman's control of international waters- failed in the Iran Hostage Crisis. True, America killed Osama bin-Laden much later, but killing someone is not as difficult and epic for the public as is rescuing a sizeable group of Internationals under armed terrorists' control.

Have other countries been inspired by and truly learned from the awesomely correct methodologies of the Israelites after the (very brilliant) Operation Thunderbolt?
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I think Israelis are used to live in a besieged camp, so to say. It creates a certain mentality. It creates preparedness.

They have somewhat different priorities. I think so many died in the Holocaust, that maybe today it is easier for an Israeli to sacrifice his life because he is not a merchant, he does it for the higher goal, to eliminate the threat to his tightly knit community.

Also, the Israeli are middleasterners. The mentality, you know. Americans are not germane to that area, the mentality is too different, they are not locals, it plays the role, too. I think this is why the failure in Iran Hostage Crisis.