Why is it that we dismiss the relevance and achievements of............

Dec 2012
Soviet of Washington
ancient civilazations and cultures? Just how sure are we that we are living at the epitome of human civilization?


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Oct 2012
Between a rock and a hard place
ancient civilazations and cultures? Just how sure are we that we are living at the epitome of human civilization?

Forget your civilisation and culture mumbo jumbo, we got cars, tellys and the dvd :)
We live in a very materialistic age where progress is judged by technological advancement and gadgets. Is it possible there was once a more cultured and civilised society, yes but if it aint got blackberry, mp3s and google you can forget it.
You stick with utopia if you want to and ill have the argos catalogue. :)


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Mar 2008
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I would contend that we haven't dismissed the relevance of our ancestors. Although I would acknowledge that there is a large class of people too lazy to learn.


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Oct 2011
I don't think we are living at the epitome of human civilization. We are just fat dumb and happy with a small class of people making ever more advanced devices and gadgets to make us fatter, dumber and happier.


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Jun 2012
Because history is a long time and people forget. If we can't concieve of doing it ourselves without modern technology, then our ancestors couldn't possibly have done it. Unless of course aliens or ancient secret forces gave them advanced technology too.
Sep 2011
Probably because in the richer countries of the world, the average man lives like a king compared to the average man through much of history.


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Dec 2011
I would think that the epitome of human existence may have been when people felt more valued as individuals and possessed the greatest level of individual freedom. Something similar to the nomadic bison hunting peoples of the Great American Plains. Simpler lives but far more human and honest.
Before cities and "classes" came into existence. Before the 1% controlled everything and "spin" became unquestioning and so pervasive. Before the masses were living from paycheck to paycheck (or harvest to harvest) and under the thumb of an uncaring boss or despotic ruler. At a time where everyone had an important part to play in any group's survival and everyone essentially knew everyone else and genuinely cared for each and everyone's welfare. It wasn't perfect, but definitely more spiritually, physically and mentally healthier.
True, there wasn't all this fabulous technology. Some of it technology that further isolates us from each other yet also seems to bring perfect strangers together at the same time. It is all becoming far too isolating, emotionless, cold and distracting. Far too abstract. If you want to experience its' actual consequences try riding on any public transit system.