Why is there a pyramid with an all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill?


Forum Staff
Jan 2007
The Shriners operate charity hospitals for children and they like to tap a keg every once in a while. That's about it.
Apr 2008
Quite a few of our Founders are reputed to have been Masons.
I personally don't see the big deal, they are merely another Christian sect after all.
Jul 2007
The early US was English and I don't think Americans really appreciate the role of the Masons in English society. In the US the Masons are viewed as some sort of occult conspiracy. In English society the Masons are more like an old boy's club, a fraternal society, more akin to the Oddfellows than to a Satanic cult. If it is a Masonic symbol, it's nothing nefarious or conspiratorial, if anything, it's just providing a sense of continuity for the early Americans (who were mostly Englishmen). The same old boys that used to be in charge, were still in charge, and nothing too revolutionary was happening.

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