Why Lyndon B. Johnson is the greatest president of the past 75 years.

Jul 2019
San Diego, CA
1. He lied about Tonkin Gulf so as to get us into a war.

2. He ordered numerous bombs dropped on a Third World country, a country whose allegiance gave no superpower an advantage in the Cold War.

According to How Much Did The Vietnam War Cost? - The Vietnam War

The Department of Defense (DOD) reports that the United States spent about $168 billion (worth around $950 billion in 2011 dollars) in the entire war including $111 billion on military operations (1965 – 1972) and $28.5 billion on economic and military aid to Saigon regime (1953 – 1975). At that rate, the United States spent approximately $168,000 for an “enemy” killed. However, $168 billion was only the direct cost. According to Indochina Newsletter of Asia Resource Center, the United States spent from $350 billion to $900 billion in total including veterans’ benefits and interest.
Anyone who spends 168,000 trying to kill someone who poses little threat to you does not deserve to be called 'great'.

I admit that his great society programs and his civil rights legislation were successes but these accomplishments were nullified by Vietnam.
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Dec 2013
1. He lied about Tonkin Gulf so as to get us into a war.
Actually the Johnson Admin. did not lie about the Gulf of Tonkin attack. Remember there were actually TWO Gulf of Tonkin attacks reported. The more famous one was IIRC August 4th at night. It most certainly never took place. Even LBJ voiced doubts about it happening.

But the daylight attack on August 2nd we know did occur. North Vietnamese torpedo boats fired on a U.S. destroyer. We know this because the North Vietnamese openly admitted it at the time (they complained that the return fire from the destroyer killed the captain of one of their boats) and years later.

From the Wikipedia on the U.S.S. Maddox

North Vietnamese military commander Võ Nguyên Giáp, who in 1995 admitted 2 August attack but asserted that the 4 August attack had never occurred.
Oct 2019
West Virginia
LBJ indeed accomplished more good than any President since FDR.

We have to balance this, however, with his colossal duplicity regarding the Vietnam War. He stood before a camera and lied to the people multiple times over that issue, and like Nixon pursued policies which led to a lot of death and suffering.

Nixon also can be credited with good accomplishments especially regarding domestic policy, but Vietnam and its spiraling effects perhaps overshadow all that even more than LBJ's Vietnam shenanigans did for him.
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