Why South Asian Muslims claim foreign ancestry ?

Sep 2015
Sri Lanka
Brahmins were noted for their scholarship. At least, write this spelling correctly - 'alhamdulillah'.
Aup ji appears to be a very strict Guru :) A. R. Rahman a devout Sufi also said the similar in Tamil when he received his First Oscar Prize "Ella pugalum Irarivanukay" ("All the praises be to God" [ Allah] )


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Apr 2015
This is mainly due to caste system created by Muslim elites that ruled India. People with foreign ancestry Arab, Turk, Persian were kept higher in hierarchy and while native Indian converts were lower in hierarchy. Pakistan's military dictator encouraged Pakistanis to claim Arab ancestry from the troops of Arab invader Muhammad bin Qasim.
Jan 2019
Lots of non-Muslims also claim foreign ancestry, not just Muslims. They cook up all kinds of fanciful stories to make such foreign claims - the more northwest the better. It gives the impression that South Asians do not like to be or look like South Asians. Bollywood doesn't make it easy either. The real south Asian looking ones are delegated to the roles of extras, servants, street sweepers and so on. All this behavior will stop only when South Asians begin to respect themselves.
Thats true, Sikhs in particular have a fetish for claiming foreign ancestry by saying they're Indo-Scythian or Greek lol. I think its just a Punjabi trait. Punjab has been conquered, subjugated and destroyed by so many invaders that they have to cope by making up these false family histories. It seems to be spreading around India though unfortunately. People just want to seem exotic I think.
Apr 2015
^^ A South Asian could be identified as such very easily by phenotype. It is not considered a major race, but it fits well as a Geographic race.
Even those who believe that there exists a Dravidian race believe in a racial fraud because racially South Indians share same racially ancestry when compared to North Indians.

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